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June 2019

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Subscriptions become due on 1st JANUARY 2021 and are £4.50 single and £6.00 joint. (£1.00 for additional members of the same family residing at the same address).
Life Membership is available at £70.00 joint or £50.00 single.

Please note: most of our members pay their membership subscriptions when paying their enrty fees at our club shows, unfortunately due to the cancellation of our 2020 April Show any membership you paid then was returned by the web site organiser and our November Championship Show was also cancelled. So very few members paid their 2020 subs. As the running of club relies on mebership fees and with no income from our 2020 club shows, it would be really appreciated if you could pay 2020 and 2021 years subscriptions together.

Membership fees can be paid by internet bank transfer to:
ACCOUNT NUMBER 02198126, SORT CODE 30-95-46,
with your name as reference, thank you again in anticipation of your payment and please email a copy of your bank payment to, or preferable complete a Bank Standing Order form.


      • The recent change to the Great Dane Stud Book Banding from “D” to “C” is fully understood as it should reduce the number of “inferior quality” exhibits obtaining their Stud Book Numbers, ie:- only 1st and 2nd in Open and 1st in Limit qualify for SB entry.

    However, with this change, comes the recommendation that the number of “hands on” (h/o) dogs required to be judged in order that a judge may be placed on the A3 List is 110,with the B List 20% of that number ie 22.

    Until the end of 2013, Great Danes had been in Band “E” for over 20 years, with the No of h/o at 250. The B List therefore 50.The BC/Clubs had collectively agreed some years ago that the A3/B List numbers should be 200/60 respectively and the criteria reflects that.The change to Band “C” took effect in January 2014 when the recommended h/o number became 160. The B List therefore 32.

    As noted above, January 2015 saw the recommended h/o reduced yet again, which effectively equates to a reduction in the experience required to be considered to award CC’s for the first time of 56%.All in the space of 1 year!!!

    Aligned to this is, that in order to judge more than 3 classes of the breed at Open Shows, a judge must be situated on a Breed Club B List.

    Breed Councils/ Breed Clubs will still still be able to retain their current criteria, although the KC have previously recommended “that the Breed Council give due consideration in reviewing its A3 & B criteria numbers in the future.”